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Client Benefits

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The last thing a Tennessee employer/carrier, who otherwise ‘plays by the book’ when it comes to Tennessee workers’ compensation claims, wants is to be the subject of an administrative penalty referral or similar adverse action by the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims. While defense counsel in Tennessee workers’ compensation cases should always take the lead in making sure a penalty referral or similar adverse action by the Court does not occur, it is equally important for the claims professional as well as the Employer representative to have a general understanding of what is and what is not  expected of them during the pendency of a Tennessee workers’ compensation proceeding (e.g. a Tennessee Employer is now expressly prohibited from filing medical proof that has previously been filed with the Bureau under threat of administrative penalty).

Consequently, one benefit exclusive to Arnold & Arnold clients is that we will travel to a location convenient for the client to deliver a customized training seminar addressing issues ranging from recent procedural developments only to handling a Tennessee workers’ compensation claim from start to finish. The attorneys at Arnold & Arnold work closely with the client to tailor a custom training seminar that meets the client’s individual and unique needs, and claims professionals can receive continuing education credit in his/her respective state for attending. As part of the training seminar, Tennessee claims professionals are afforded an opportunity to ask claim-specific questions and seek legal recommendations on their open Tennessee workers’ compensation claims.

The benefits to clients of Arnold & Arnold do not stop with complementary in-house training. Clients of Arnold & Arnold also receive thorough reference material addressing not only substantive Tennessee workers’ compensation law, but also procedural outlines that are frequently updated to coincide with procedural changes mandated by the Tennessee Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims. Clients of Arnold & Arnold are also encouraged to reach out to the attorneys at Arnold & Arnold for legal recommendations and/or general questions on any Tennessee claim. The philosophy at Arnold & Arnold is that our valued clients should always err on the side of caution and seek legal advice before making a questionable decision or taking a course of action that could result in an adverse result, penalty referral, etc. Consequently, the attorneys at Arnold & Arnold are available to provide immediate case-specific legal advice, assist in preparing physician panels and medical questionnaires, and attend strategy teleconferences with our valued clients. We look forward to working as a team with you!

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The attorneys at Arnold & Arnold are constantly reviewing the laws on Tennessee workers’ compensation matters because the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation frequently amends its substantive and procedural requirements. Many of the changes made by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation are procedural in nature, and failure to abide by these changes could have detrimental consequences to the employer including, but not limited to a default judgment, an administrative penalty referral, or exclusion of evidence, such as medical reports.